Rabbit Hutch Selection Tips

October 15, 2016 at 8:38 am

Rabbit hutches come in various sizes and designs. The ideal hutch for your rabbits should guarantee utmost safety and top-level comfort. Ingenious designers have come up with special rabbit hutches that have exceptional utility features, which allow your animals to feed, move and rest with a greater degree of freedom. Here are some rabbit hutch selection tips:

Rabbit Hutches

1. Consider a Well Ventilated Rabbit Hutch.

Proper ventilation should be among your foremost considerations for a rabbit hutch. The material used to construct the hutch should allow for free circulation of air so that your rabbits enjoy a steady supply of fresh air at all times. A poorly ventilated rabbit hutch will expose your animals to the risk of suffocation.

Besides, poor ventilation compromises the general health of the animals and may bear adverse effects on their breeding patterns. Rabbits are naturally lively and prefer to stay in comfortable and fresh environments. You can tell whether the structure is well ventilated by checking on the size of its openings. Such openings should be wide enough.

2. Select a Spacious Hutch.

Ensure that the hutch that you select has enough space to enable the free movement of a fully grown adult rabbit. Do not buy a small hutch just because your rabbits are still young and small. Eventually, the rabbits will grow to full maturity and their large sizes may overwhelm the narrow size of the hutch.

Do not inconvenience your pets by changing their residence as often as they show signs of growth. Rabbits want to get used to their environment where they practice their favorite tricks and develop some sense of familiarity. A spacious hutch also allows you to partition the hutch into different sections for feeding, resting, littering and other activities.

3. Find a Hutch with Large Doors.

An ideal hutch should have large doors that can allow your rabbit to return from its outdoor ventures and enter indoors unaided. When a rabbit gets used to its hutch, it prefers to leave and return without your help. Once you open the doors, the animal should be able to ease itself outside and inside without its paws sticking in any narrow spaces.

Another advantage of large doors is that they allow you to reach the rabbit without straining. There may be times when you want to feed, treat, or play with your favorite pet. You need a structure with wide doors so that you do not hurt yourself or the animal as you try to reach it. You may want to test the convenience of a hutch with an extra door on its top.

4. Find a Hutch with a Stain Resistant Floor.

Pet urine may develop into some disagreeable odor in the long term. Your animals may also be susceptible to germs and bacterial infections if the floor of the hutch does not resist urine, food stains, and other contaminants. Therefore, you should invest in a hutch with an easy-to-wash floor for lasting safety.

Apart from the stain resistant quality, you should consider a durable floor that does not rust or stain easily when it comes into contact with pet waste. Nevertheless, you should have a regular clean-up program to maintain the freshness of your hutch at all times. Let the health of your rabbits flourish in hygienic hutches.


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