Best Online Guitar Lessons

December 11, 2016 at 3:44 am

Mastering the guitar takes time and commitment. It also takes a good instructor to impart skills on guitar learners. Among the different ways of learning guitar, one modern method has proven to be very effective – online lessons. Many things have gone digital in the world and it is not surprising that core skills like guitar learning are now being offered in online schools. For people looking to learn how to play the guitar online, there is no easy way of knowing the right course. With research, reviews and tests however, it becomes easier to identify the best guitar schools online. Here is a quick look at where you can find the best online guitar lessons.

Featured Guitar Lessons:

Best Guitar Lessons


Jamplay is a guitar training course that was started in Beavercreek, Ohio in 2006. The founders of the company saw the need to offer guitar lessons online as there was already a huge demand for the service. The company has grown to accommodate hundreds of thousands of students over its run. The best thing about Jamplay is that it is an effective mode of learning guitar where resources for learning are offered in a very objective manner. The company also hosts a collection of songs and training tools which students use to immerse themselves into the course. Jamplay is definitely the best guitar course among those that have started in recent times.

Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks was founded way back in 1998 when the internet was still young. This company is a true representation of what long-term success is. There has been a lot of growth and changes over the years but the company still maintains a creative formula of providing the best guitar courses on the internet. The main thing that has kept Guitar Tricks on top is the features that come with the course. These features include over 600 song lessons, unlimited access to the site, professional training, good value for money and an excellent system in overall.

Jamplay Vs Guitar Tricks

There are not any other guitar training courses worth of mention apart from these two companies. When put on a one-on-one scale, both companies prove why they are really the best as they try to outdo each other on every aspect. While Guitar Tricks has the larger collection of songs, Jamplay offers cool course-tracking features like badges and points. Both companies have great user interfaces, they offer great explanations, courses range from beginner to advanced, and the price of both is on the same level.

The most important things to look for in the best online guitar lessons are value, cost, service and quality. Jamplay and Guitar Tricks score well on all these aspects. The video lessons are not only high quality but they are also professionally done in a manner that appeals to the needs of all learners. The courses are also well-furnished with sufficient songs to learn from. Great things are hard to replicate and when it comes to guitar learning, Jamplay and Guitar Tricks are the only courses that are still recommended for any guitar learners out there.